We have often been asked what is the best solid surface to use in bathrooms, Avonite or Velstone.

Simply GSS supply Avonite vanities to Holiday Inn Express hotels, and here are some of the reasons why we believe Avonite is a superior product.

Avonite is an acrylic surface, two of the plastics compounds that come from the refining of natural crude oil (acrylic & polyester). Acrylic is more expensive and gives the solid surface properties such as increased impact resistance & thermoforming capabilities.
Cheaper options in the solid surface market tend to use polyester as its main ingredient. Polyester is a rigid plastic that is more likely to crack under stress or impact and always wants to remain in the shape it has been formed to.

Recently we completed a project of bathroom vanities for HIEX. 22 of these vanities were manufactured in the wrong size, thankfully as we used Avonite rather than a polyester solid surface we were able to rectify the issue and save the client the time and cost of manufacturing 22 extra vanities. Had we used a polyester solid surface we would have not been able to do this.