Glass is where we started, here at Simply GSS, and while we now offer a range of solid surfaces, we have a long history with glass!  Our client base is mainly hotels, leisure (including gyms and spas) and F&B (Food & Beverage) areas. We have found over the years that the use of glass in hotels in particular has become more design focused, rather than just for pure functionality, with designers, architects and hoteliers themselves choosing it as a preferred material.

Whereas we used to install clear glass for shower doors and wet-rooms, we are now supplying coloured glass, patterned glass and glass with images in order to portray a theme or design rather than just a screen for water.

We love the idea of glass becoming more of a feature in hotels, where quirkiness can add to your experience. We have seen glass being used as room dividers, which work well to economise on space: rather than a solid wall, which make small spaces seem even smaller, a glass room divider keeps the room bright and airy. Glass walls are being used more and more for hotel bathrooms, but it is important to approach this correctly to ensure the experience is not awkward for people sharing a room!

The humble glass shower screen can get an upgrade, making it a coloured screen or splashback or printing images, logos or words on it. In these days where everything needs to be “insta-ready”, having a standout design in a hotel room can be an invaluable form of marketing.

And the use of glass in hotel lobbies, walkways and communal areas can be big and bold, a true design feature, setting your hotel apart from the rest.